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“A Short Film About Killing”: Poland Genre: Drama, Release Date: 1988-03-11 (Poland), directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski screenplay by Krzysztof Kieslowski and Krzysztof Piesiewicz photos Slawomir Idziak Music Zbigniew Preisner, author of the DVD cover: Henryk Lapinski. Peter, after completion of apprenticeship seems to last bar examination. Attracted to the social function of the judiciary. Jacek becomes a witness to a brutal assault, but does not respond. Routes makes it to the GM and precipitated stone movie covers a passing car. Andrew and Dorothy eagerly awaiting taxi. Still exasperated pedantry Mariana vehicle cleaning, leave. Peter during the examination concludes that no punishment had never bullied from committing crimes. Jacek enter into a photographic shop to order a reproduction of pictures of his sister. Peter, happy after passing the exam, invite Ola to the European hotel. There is also Jacek, who under the table wrapping the movie covers his hand with a thin rope. The taxi driver pulls Marian movie covers parking at the hotel. Jacek getting into a taxi and has a lower rate movie covers secured. movie covers the periphery, where the road ends, the cable suddenly accuses movie covers the driver’s neck and a metal rod struck him in the head. Drags the body into the brush toward the river. A man is still alive and asked to spare the life. Jacek then smashes him a great stone. He returns to the car driver and eats a sandwich. After meeting with Beatka the store vegetables. He invites her to the car. Court room. The judge announces the verdict. Officers move out of Jack. Peter sees it and calls a spade. He is very depressed sentence – the death penalty. Prison. Warden agrees movie covers Peter’s vision of the convicts. Jacek asks Peter to speak to his mother on his body be buried next to his father’s grave. Cat arrives in prison, checks the operation of the gallows. Guard urges Peter to finish the vision. Jacek says his sister, who died tragically and asks Peter to collect prints from a photographic shop and transfer them to the mother. They leave the cell. Jacek guttural shouts, “Sir, I do not want.” Head manages the execution. Kat bandage tied Jack movie covers his eyes. Devastated Peter, shocked by what had happened, crying in a suburban forest. The fifth part of the Decalogue TV show in cinemas. Tangible and poignant in their pronunciation of a song about the characteristics of ancient tragedy is the dramatic question of the sense of moral, ethical and social capital punishment. The author of an alternative DVD cover for “A Short Film About Killing” is Miroslaw Kotecki. Mirek does dvd covers such as “A Short Film About Killing” and its placement in the Pre-release “DVD cover covercity” where they are comprehensive.

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