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After Shanks leaves, she drops her ring down the dvd covers sink, and reaches in cover collect it. Mike grabs her hand and pulls it in cover the dvd covers drain, cutting it up. After some digging around, she finds a crawlspace under her bedroom floor, that is filled with money. She invites a

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dvd covers

priest, Father Pritchet (Kevin Geer) over cover her house, and donates the dvd covers money cover the dvd covers church. She asks him cover bless her house, and he tells her that he can’t do it. After he leaves, the dvd covers ghost Mike seals up the dvd covers house, and throws furniture at Marnie. As the dvd covers brothers experiment with the dvd covers hole they realize that the dvd covers cold pit goes on forever. They drop a nail and never hear it hit bottom.

They lower a flashlight and a video camera and they get consumed by the dvd covers darkness. Hoping for some answers about the dvd covers house’s past, Dane and Lucas bring Julie in on their new discovery. When the dvd covers hole is exposed, evil is unleashed. With strange shadows lurking around every corner and past nightmares coming cover life, the dvd covers trio will have cover come face cover face their darkest fears cover put an end cover the dvd covers HOLE. She escapes, and phones Joey. He tells her he will come over, but she says he better don’t. He arrives at her house, and begins cover shout cover let him in. She throws the dvd covers keys down, and he enters. They make love, and in the dvd covers morning, Mike appears, and attacks Joey, breaking his bones. Marnie hides Joey in the dvd covers crawlspace, as Shanks arrives, demanding cover know why Joey is hitting her.Portly boy walks through the dvd covers neighborhood knocking over jack-o’-lanterns. He stops at one house and walks up cover the dvd covers porch where it appears no one is home. A bucket full of candy is set out with a sign saying ‘please take one!’ the dvd covers boy begins cover put the dvd covers entire contents of the dvd covers bucket in his bag when someone startles him from behind. the dvd covers boy recognizes the dvd covers man as Principal Steven Wilkins (Dylan Baker) who addresses the dvd covers boy as Charlie (Brett Kelly). Wilkins sits down on his porch, inviting Charlie cover sit and talk with him as he offers him a chocolate bar. Wilkins explains rules of etiquette and how cover properly respect Halloween.

When Charlie begins cover cough, Wilkins explains the dvd covers most important rule of Halloween; “always check your candy”. Charlie violently vomits blood and chocolate and passes out. Wilkins drags Charlie into the dvd covers house, the dvd covers blood and chocolate mixture oozing onto his shirt, just as his doorbell rings. Struggling with the dvd covers body, he answers and sees three teenagers who ask if they can take his jack-o’-lantern. He agrees and gives them all some candy, including a small boy wearing orange, footed pajamas and a burlap hood with buttons for eyes and stitching for a mouth (known hereafter as Sam, Quinn Lord). Wilkins then dumps Charlie’s body in a large hole dug in his back yard where

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cd covers

another child’s body already lies. As he tries cover bury the dvd covers bodies his small son, Billy (Connor Christopher Levins), appears in the dvd covers upstairs window and shouts down cover him repeatedly, asking for help on his jack-o’-lantern and if they’ll hand out candy. Wilkins, frustrated, tells him each time cover be quiet and wait for him inside. Meanwhile, the dvd covers neighbor’s dog (Zip) approaches the dvd covers fence and starts barking as the dvd covers first child in the dvd covers grave begins cover moan, reaching out from under dirty sheets with a clown-costumed arm. Wilkins stabs the dvd covers boy’s arm with his shovel and severs one of his fingers, throwing it over the dvd covers fence and distracting the dvd covers dog. However, its surly owner, Mr. Kreeg (Brian Cox) comes into the dvd covers yard and peeks through a hole in the dvd covers fence cover speak cover Wilkins, still struggling with the dvd covers clown child. Wilkins passes off his activity and the dvd covers smell as a septic tank leak and Mr. Kreeg goes back into his house, shouting back cover Wilkins cover “get his kid out of his yard”. Wilkins finishes the dvd covers clown child off with a blow from his shovel and completes burying the dvd covers bodies. As he walks back into his house, he notices a frantic Kreeg motioning cover him from his window across the dvd covers way. Bitter Wilkins ignores him and goes into the dvd covers house as Kreeg is tackled by something.

In the dvd covers kitchen, Billy jumps out from behind a counter, scaring Wilkins and asking for help on his jack-‘o-lantern. Seemingly annoyed, Wilkins takes a butcher knife from the dvd covers knife block and follows Billy cover the dvd covers basement. Billy runs ahead cover a table covered in carving materials and Wilkins approaches behind him. Billy says “let’s make a scary face this time” as Wilkins puts his hand on Billy’s head and brings the dvd covers knife down, blood glistening on the dvd covers blade as he draws it back. But Billy smiles and says “don’t forget cover help me with the dvd covers eyes” as they look together at the dvd covers severed head of Charlie on a wooden turntable.She tells him cover leave, as Joey’s corpse falls into the dvd covers hallway. He arrests her for Joey’s murder, just as Mike sends her flying across the dvd covers room. Shanks notices this, and Mike attacks him too. He tells Mike cover stay away from Marnie, but Mike sets the dvd covers house on fire, and throws them both into the  basement. Marnie takes off her ring and throws it into the dvd covers furnace, finally destroying Mike’s ghost. Shanks tells her cover escape, and she gets on a bus cover leave New York forever, while he tells people that she died in the dvd covers fire.

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