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road through hell

Watching “Three Days,” from the place reminded me of an American “Testament” in 1983, a TV movie that was so convincing and clear, that

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went into the cinema circuit, finishing with a nomination for an Oscar for a leading role female. In the “Testament” apocalypse was caused by nuclear war, and the whole story was a low-budget expediency from the perspective of the disintegration of a family and dying one after the other residents of the small town. The “, a film about the limited budget, the dvd covers approaching end is a bit more abstract, because not spread for weeks, resulting in slow torment of the human dvd covers race, but there is a sudden and precise, like a surgical cut. People is only one thing to consider: how to survive the last few hours? Unfortunately, because of this film loses only. Not  so much by pushing Armageddon coming up on the third plan, which as a result of the inability to move in the thriller conventions.

Everything is kind of logical plot in some way justified, but in fact stitched with thick thread. In fact, you can even forgive the main characters escape from the spreading anarchy in the isolated homestead brother But where nothing drags a wretched existence unaware of four kids.

However, subsequent events too often resemble slashery American narrative in which the logic of the main characters draw the viewer’s patience to the test. Suffice it to say that the killer appears quite quickly, intending to play with his victims in a perverse game, and But, as befits the main character will have to overcome the fears of the past, to be able to deal with him as an equal. Dvd cover for “Three Days” are made by Mark Urban. Marek does cover dvd and blu-ray cover such as the “three days” and makes it the. This site provides free cover for the film three days.

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