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The Missouri Breaks

Montana, 80 years The nineteenth century. In the valley of the Missouri runs a bunch of horse thieves, led by Tom Logan. Brazen thefts lead to rage wealthy ranchers governing neighborhood. One of them, David Braxton decides to engage a professional exterminator villains, Robert Lee Clayton. Between the antagonists begin an exciting duel, in which Clayton, with The Missouri Breaksno evidence against Logan, conducive to peaceful demonstration farmer’s life, trying to use psychological tricks. In the valley of the Missouri River prowling band of horse thieves, led by Tom Logan. On the frontier areas of public policy guarding so. regulators are elected by local settlers. One of them is an absolute Robert E. Lee Clayton. It engages the ruling surroundings greedy landowner, David Braxton.
Tom Logan and his companions are planning a big horse stealing. To divert attention from Logan leads a quiet life of a farmer, also refers affair with the daughter of Braxton – Jane. Assault on Precinct ends in failure, the Canadians manage to recapture the stolen horses. Fleeing koniokradami moves in pursuit Robert E. Lee Clayton …

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