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Dead Silence

Overall, “Dead Silence” is a refreshing, semi-unique horror movie. The storyline is original enough, and the creepy themes and atmospheric setting add to its overall effect. Don’t expect a gore fest though, because the violence is Puppets and ventriloquism are main themes in the plot, which might sound a little clichéd. I suppose it is, puppets and dolls have become almost a joke in the genre because they are so over-used (as well as creepy little children, among other things), but since they are in the coreDirected/co-written by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell, the men who brought us the successful “Saw” series, are also behind this splendidly spooky horror film. Originality is a hard thing to find in the horror genre these days, but this film

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dvd covers

manages to sluff off most of the typical horror set-ups and create an interesting and compelling story. This is quite a turn around from the “Saw” franchise, which, while it is a good series, has become more of a gore fest than anything. On the other hand, “Dead Silence” is a basis of the plot, they actually come off as being scary. People who have that fear of dolls and/or puppets would be advised to steer clear of this film. There is some great sets in the film as well. The entire town of Raven’s Fair has a heavily Gothic tone to it, almost to the point of complete surrealism. The sets are spooky and appropriately so, because it really adds the atmosphere of the movie. The villain/ghostly ventriloquist Mary Shaw, was actually quite terrifying. Her makeup effects made her one creepy looking woman. As for the gore, those expecting anything close to the over-abundance of violence in the “Saw” films will be disappointed. This film doesn’t contain much gore – it has a little, but it doesn’t use typical violence and graphic gore to get some scares out of thesupernatural horror film with a very well written story. Character development is strong, and the acting helps that out as well, which is always a plus. Ryan Kwanten, an Australian actor, plays the lead role and is very believable. Donnie Wahlberg (of “Saw II” and “Saw III”) plays a skeptical detective, and Amber Valetta (“What Lies Beneath”) plays Jamie’s new stepmother. All of the acting was really believable, I didn’t see any below-average performing here. audience. I loved the way the movie ended as well. It’s a twist-ending, but don’t let that put you off – it works well with the rest of the movie, it’s not one of those “bad movie twists”. It was very unexpected and very well-written. pretty tame compared to what you’d see in the “Saw” films. If you like James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s work, I’d really recommend seeing this – it’s a pleasant change from your typical horror films, and a nice change of pace from their previous work. It has a few flaws here and there, but it’s such an enjoyable movie that all of that is forgivable in the end. Very refreshing. 9/10.

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